Kristoffer Holten – Danish SEO Expert based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to my personal website where I like to talk about and share my experiences with SEO.

I’ve been working with native danish SEO for more than 7 years and I have great experience with different danish niches. This includes both the adult SEO market, casino market and tons of liberal markets such as doctors, dentists, therapists etc.

The danish market is a high competitive market in almost all digital marketing fields. This includes both SEO and paid advertising. There is a huge amount of digital agencies based in Copenhagen and this naturally means a high competition market.

Are you looking for a freelancer to take care of your danish market? Then I might be the guy for you. I love projects and exciting companies and I try to allocate my time off my full-time work to work on these.

Presentation at LAC 2018

What can you expect from me as an SEO consultant?

I am specialised in technical SEO and linkbuilding. This includes:

  • Technical on-page optimization
    • Meta tags
    • Schema implementation
    • TF:IDF analysis
  • Linkbuilding
    • PBN
    • Pillow links
    • Guests Posts
    • Niche edits
  • Pagespeed optimization
    • Google Pagespeed
    • Lighthouse

If you are looking for a danish content writer then I am not the right guy for you. I don’t work with content writing, but I have a large network of content writers that I use for my daily work. This is not that I am not good at writing content, but I simply don’t want to waste my time doing this when I can do more effective SEO tasks such as linkbuilding.

Do I sound like something that would fit your company? Then feel free to contact me or shoot me a message on any of my social profiles.

Why pick a Technical SEO Specialist from Copenhagen?

When looking for an SEO freelancer to help with your site you most likely end up finding a self claimed SEO expert that will tweak your content and meta titles or increase your rankings by a minimal amount. Instead, you should look into technical SEO and find an SEO specialist that has experience with the most important SEO factors of 2019. PageSpeed Optimization, Mobile Friendly, Linkbuilding and TF:IDF analysis. These are, in my opinion, the four pillars of 2019 SEO. If you wish to hire the best SEO consultant in Denmark or I might be the one to go for.