5 Linkbuilding ideas if you’ve hit a dead-end

There will be a point where you feel like you’ve hit a dead end in linkbuilding and your site just wont move. Now, what do you do? Here’s my five best tips for linkbuilding in 2019. Some of these links can be used directly to your frontpage and some of them is suitable for tier 2 links. Without further ado – let’s get started!

1. Replicate your competitor backlinks

Lets say you’re ranking as number 12 on page 2 of Google and your site just wont move. This might be because you’re missing some crucial niche-specific links. Get these by analyzing your competitors (top 1-5 on your keyword) in a tool like ahrefs or Majestic. Simply contact every single sponsored post, donation link and create the same directory, comment, forum and profile links you see inhere. There might be some free links and low hanging fruits around like this profile from vpngorilla.com

Linkprofile from vpngorilla in ahrefs.com

2. Reach out to other SEOs asking for link exchange

Many SEOs are afraid to link to other SEOs but it might actually benefit both. Lets say you have a site about VPNs. Reach to all sites within the security niche asking for link exchange. Since you’re not directly in competition this might actually work. You can use groups like The Proper SEO Group on Facebook, SEO Backlinks Marketplace on Facebook or this SEO Expert group on LinkedIn.

3. Niche Edits or Outreach Link Injection

Some SEOs see this linkbuilding technique as blackhat as you try to steal linkjuice from your competitors. In my opinion this is just the name of the game and its an amazing cost effective way of linkbuilding. Not only do you have all your links ready in front of you and save tons of time but you also save money by not having to write an article for the site you want a link from. So how does it work? Niche Edits are basically link injections in already existing articles or sponsored posts that your competitors have written. These are super powerful because they are already live (published), probably receiving some kind of traffic or have inbound links to them and they are niche relevant for your website. Contact the owner of the sites and ask them if they’re willing to put an additional link in the article for a small payment via PayPal. You will hit a jackpot 8/10 times and it will be easy, cheap and relevant links for your site.

4. Start building your own PBN

This might be the time to start working on your own PBN network. Start looking for good auctioned domains on Godaddy or find expired domains with Domain Hunter Gatherer. So how do you build a PBN site? Here’s 5 quick steps:

  1. Purchase the domain
  2. Host it on a cluster hosting service such as LaunchCDN
  3. Publish the website with content (500 words minimum) that matches what was once on the website. If it’s a site about fishing make sure the frontpage is still about fishing.
  4. Wait 1 month
  5. Start publishing content that matches the PBN site niche and find a relevant angle to your own website. Example: PBN is about fishing -> Blogpost is about “5 Best Fishing Games for iOS” or “Five ways to make time fly when fishing.”

A PBN in 2019 is not just a bunch of expired domains with irrelevant content. The PBNs needs to fit the original theme of the page, be updated frequently (once a month) and have some sort of traffic. Here’s a few examples of PBN sites with real traffic:

  • barbarmoleko.dk
  • dk.dk
  • droemmekaeresten.dk

5. Recover your lost backlinks

Here’s a tip many SEOs often forget. Do you check how many links you lose every month? Perhaps its time to go through the historical links of your website and start building them again. Here’s how you do it. In ahrefs simply search for your site, go to lost backlinks and go a few months back. Depending on how big your site is you might want to go a few months back.

Lost backlinks in ahrefs

Thats it! I hope this blogpost was somehow useful to you and you got yourself some new ideas for linkbuilding next week.

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