Adult SEO Expert & Remote Consultant

Get help from an adult SEO Expert based in Copenhagen Denmark and see your traffic grow on a month-to-month basis. I’ve helped multiple escort and porn websites get more traffic from search engines and sky-rocket their revenue from Ads and lead generation. If you’re in need of an SEO consultant within the adult industry don’t hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn.

The Adult niche is a crazy part of the SEO world. Google is not making any revenue from the adult industry since there are no Google Ads running and they, therefore, don’t care about the rankings. This allows people to use various blackhat methods techniques such as low-quality PBNs, Manipulating the CTR levels, and SAPE links.

I’ve worked with both SEO and Paid Advertising in the adult industry for high competitive keywords. I have also worked with Ads on the Display Network of XXXXhub, XXXtube, and many other well-known sites – if you’re into that 😉

The adult niche requires a large budget for outreach links. It is very rare that you will find websites willing to link to an adult website, and once you find them they’re often very expensive. Luckily I have a network of guest posts I can use for the adult niche. Contact me if you would like to know more.

I’ve seen multiple clients that have gone wrong with SEO. Paying Asian SEO agencies to handle their search engine optimization and have their sites destroyed forever. So please don’t cheap out on your Adult SEO Expert.

Casino & Adult SEO Speaker

What can you do yourself to rank in the adult SEO niche?

There are tons of stuff you can do in 2020 to increase your own visibility in Google. This includes both on-page and off-page factors that will increase your rankings. The most important thing is to write a lot of good content. Make sure all your pages have a least 600 words of content that describe the page the user is on. If you have a page about milf porn make sure this page has some text about this. You can use a tool like ahrefs and SEMRush to get ideas for new keywords and related/similar keywords to use on the page.

The next thing you can do is work on your PageSpeed score. This is in 2020 the most important factor for SEO and you need to make sure your website loads fast! Compress your images using or similar software and make sure your server is fast! If you’re using WordPress I would recommend getting a cache plugin to cache your pages to make them load faster for the end-user.

Third thing is to work on your internal links. If you’re on the milf porn page what would be relevant to send the user to? Most likely some cougar porn or even mature porn. Google sees these pages as very relevant and therefore also relevant for the user to go to. If your internal link building is on the point you can rank on easy terms.

Optimize your meta title and descriptions in your backend to focus on specific keywords. This is a ranking factor and it’s very important that they are the correct length, include the keyword in the beginning, a number, and preferable a related keyword.

Make sure you don’t have any duplicate content across your website. It’s very important that all your content is 100% unique and is not duplicated on multiple pages. This will hurt your site and it’s known as the worst error you can have on your website.

What kind of GEOs have you worked with in the adult industry?

I’ve worked mainly with USA, UK and most of Europe including Italy, France, Spain & Scandinavia.

What kind of SEO techniques should we use in the adult niche?

PBNs directly to your money page, guest posts for sites allowing adult, CTR manipulation, Sponsored Links, and tons of pillow links.

How do I advertise on Adult Websites?

I can recommend trafficjunky for advertising on adult websites. Contact me if you need help to set it up.