Gambling & Casino SEO Consultant

I have worked in the iGaming and casino business since 2016. I started as Head of SEO in Fable Media working with multiple casino and affiliate sites in United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Canada. Being a part of both the broker and affiliate part of the business has given me a great insight in both worlds and I know how both parts of the business works.

When working in the casino industry you get to know all sorts of SEO. This is a pure blackhat business for small affiliates and unless you’re a big player in the industry such at Bet365, PokerStars or similar you will need to use blackhat techniques to rank your site. This includes SEO techniques such as manipulating your CTR with ‘fake’ searches for your brand, pillow PBN links and Sponsored links. This business does also require a great deal of on-page optimization and TF:IDF analysis to make sure your content is on-point.

Having an affiliate site also means conversion rate optimization. I’ve worked with my tools to optimize our ROI from SEO traffic. This includes Hotjar, Google Analytics & Crazy Egg.

Casino Projects & Clients

I have been invited as a speaker for the largest Casino Conference in the world twice and also published articles for iGB Affiliate. You can read my article “White label casinos: A branding and SEO perspective” on, read my interview by SiGMA Malta or hear my full presentation about negative SEO live at iGB Affiliate in ExCel London.

What kind of keywords have you successfully ranked?

I’ve ranked page 1 in United Kingdom for the following keywords: Mobile Casino, Mobile Slots, PayPal Casinos, PayPal Slots, Online Roulette & Online Casino.

What kind of budget is required to rank in the casino business?

SEO in the iGaming niche is currently a lot of guest posts, sponsored links and manipulating your CTR.  This require a budget of roughly $1000/week if you want to make a good effort.

How long does it take to rank for keywords in the casino niche?

Everything from a few weeks to a year. Depending on the keywords you want to target and the current state of your website. Ranking for high competitive keywords with more than a 1000 searches a month may take up to a year.

What kind of GEOs have you worked with?

I’ve worked actively with UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria & the Asian market.

What SEO techniques should be used in casino niche?

PBNs, Tier 2 PBNs, Niche Edits, Pillow links, Guest Posts, Sponsored Links (Donations), CTR manipulation and TF