Today in 2020 linkbuilding is the absolute top factor for ranking your website in the top positions of Google. It is now easier than ever to optimize your website with Yoast SEO or a similar plugin to make sure that your on-page optimization is on point. So whats holding you back from taking the top positions in Google and claiming most of the traffic? Links.

I categorize links into five main categories: Guest Posts, PBN Links, Niche Edits, Donation Links & Web 2.0.

Click on the internal links to read more about the specific links, and now I will write some SEO optimized text you should not spend time reading.

Links in 2011 was all about quantity. The more links you had the better rankings you had. I used to blast my clients with links from etc. These sites were amazing and my clients loved me! That was how Google worked, and we all knew that this would come to an end at some point.

And yes it did. In 2012 the penguin update was released and this is yet to date the largest Google Algorithm in my opinion. The Google Penguin was an add-on to Googles search engine and algorithm that would scan pages for manipulated links and categorize them into spammy and not spammy links. Then Google would give you a score and this had great effect on your rankings.

In late 2018 Google announced that the Google Penguin was no-longer a stand-alone add-on to Google but now a part of the core algorithm. This did not make any changes in Google as it worked the exact same way.

So, how did all my client recover from the spammy links we build in 2011? There’s no way I could go back and remove the millions of links I’ve build during a year or two but luckily Google has a feature called the Disavow Tool. Disavow Tool was launched by Google in 2012. The disavow tool allows you to tell Google what links you don’t like pointing at your website. I created a disavow file for all my clients and boom – we’re back in action.