Guest Posts

Guest posts are against the guidelines of Google Search. This means it’s a blackhat SEO technique even though most people believe its totally ‘legal’ to use guest posts to manipulate your search rankings. But in reality, everything you do to manipulate your score is a blackhat method.

Guest posts are paid advertising cloaked as an article on a website. This article will link back to your own website with an anchor of your choice. The pros of having guests posts are:

  • You can control the topic and make it relevant for your website
  • You can control the anchor text
  • You can build tier two links to your guests posts to make them stronger

Where are Guest Posts effective?

Guest post are effective in all niches but usually harder to buy if you work with adult or gambling SEO. This is due to many bloggers and news papers refusing to link to these types of websites. And if they do then they most likely charge and extra fee for gambling and adult links. Why you may ask? Well, because they can. It does not hurt at site more to link to a gambling site than it would to link to a carpenter. Specially not if the page the link to is a “relevant source” to the guest post.

Where can I find sites that accept guest posts?

If you contact me on I can send you a list of sites that I have available for guest posts. Please let me know your niche, GEO location and budget and I can find those that will match your needs. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Guest Post Example