Niche Edits & Curated links – Very powerful backlinks!

Niche edits are links inserted in already published relevant articles from within your own niche – hence the name “Niche” edits. These are proved to increase your rankings significantly in short time.

Before we start this article I need to say this: I don’t sell niche edits. I am just trying to rank this keyword because I think its fun. If you need help with SEO then i’ll gladly take a look at your site, but honestly – i’m fed up with my own projects and I hate having clients. Now i’ve said it – if you contact me its your own risk or reward! My e-mail is or WhatsApp: +45 26363686 – Enjoy reading!

Niche Edits are build the same way as Guest Posts. You will need to send outreach emails yourself to the page owners of the pages you want to have niche edit links on. They are usually priced anywhere between $50-$500 depending on the quality of the link. You can also use agencies to order these such as Charles Floates new project “dfylinks” or SEOButler by Jonathan Kiekbusch. The Niche Edit prices depends on your category. Gambling links and adult links are often harder to find and more expensive.

When building niche edits you should make sure that:

  • It’s an aged URL with authority
  • It is relevant for your website
  • Bonus: It has traffic
  • The website traffic looks steady and no huge drops last couple of months (Google penalty check)

Here’s why Niche Edits are powerful:

  • Most already have tier 2 links pointing to them
  • They are indexed in the SERP
  • Most have some kind of traffic (at least those you should look for)
  • The SEO business says they are more powerful than Guest Posts
  • Require less work than Guest Posts

What categories can I build Niche Edits in?

You can build Niche Edits in all kind of niches. This includes Gambling, Adult and Pharma. They are most likely more expensive to build but non the less very powerful and accessable. Some of the most popular niches are currently amazon affiliate markets such as tools, beauty & cosmetics, health & wellness and the Outdoor niche such as camping gear or running gear. This is a huge market in Google and there are tons of searches for these niches. Good examples of beauty niches are searches such as “best makeup brushes” with tons of affiliate sites sending their traffic through amazon for a good commission.

Are Niche Edits Blackhat?

Every single link you get unnaturally is against Google guidelines and that means it’s a blackhat technique. This includes paid links which most Niche Edits are. So yes, of course Niche Edits is a blackhat link method to manipulate your rankings. Most people would consider it a greyhat technique since it does not include unethical SEO. I will consider it a blackhat technique.

Avoid using Konker Niche Edits & BlackHatWorld

You should always avoid using these two sites for building any sort of links. First of all they’re exposed to anyone on the website – also Google. Its an easy way to expose huge lists of PBNs and niche edit websites – specially for Google. So for all cost, ignore these sites. You should always go for unique links that your competitors doesn’t have. The link will be worth much more if you’re the first to acquire the link to your website. Once a website links to more and more external sites the link will be less and less worth.

What anchor texts should I focus on?

I recommend using keyword related anchor texts when doing Niche Edits. If your landing page is about dog food then use keywords such as “best dog food here”, “see all dog food variants available” and similar sentences. Do not use exact match keywords for this as you have plenty of PBN, guest posts etc. to work with anchor text optimization.

How do I find Niche Edit prospects?

There are multiple tools out there that can help you find prospects for building Niche Edit links. Here’s my top 3 tools/ways to find Niche Edits for your website:

Ahrefs Content Explorer

The best one is Ahrefs Content Explorer which is a part of all levels of Ahrefs subscriptions. This allows you to search for your keyword and find tons of pages with content that matches your niche. Simply visit their page, find their content information and send them an e-mail.


The second best is NinjaOutreach. A very powerful tool that will, not only find websites based on your keyword, but it will also give you the emails of the websites. You can connect your Gmail to their software and send out automatic e-mails directly from their backend and keep in touch with all your prospects in here. The only cons about this tool is the price. It is very expensive for an outreach tool. You need at least the PRO package at $399/month.

Google Search Engine

My last one is the google search engine. There are very powerful ways to find Niche Edits directly in Google. Here’s an example again with Dog Food on the UK market using the site operator along with inurl. It will not show all sites indexed with dog-food in the URL. If you’re in incognito it will most likely show the highest ranking sites. Now go to their site, fint a contant email and start your outreach.

Niche Edit Examples (Updated November 2019)

I’ve decided to add some examples of niche edits on this page. Most SEOs would be against this as its flagging specific links for Google and may cause i penalty. However, I doubt that Google will use my blog as evidence for manipulation with the search engine. However, John Mueller the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google is following me on Twitter – so who knows?

John Mueller finds me interesting?

So let’s get into it. I’ve included different niche edit examples here and i’ll explain why they’re good and why some of them may suck.

Example 1:’

This article on is about your options if you’ve purchased a phone without a headphone jack. There’s a link on the words “use case” which has absolutely no relevance for the linked page. This is either a niche edit or a sponsored article. It’s super wrong since is a huge site with a Domain Rating on 90.

Example 2:

Here’s an article from – another large and trustworthy website with a Domain Rating above 80. There’s inserted a link on “U.S.” to Most likely a manipulated link.

Example 3:

This article on Abodo, a DR72 website is another niche edit og guest post with a link to – and affiliate site for hair and cosmetic. Super powerful and relevant link they’ve acquired.

What’s the difference between Niche Edits and Curated Links?

There is no difference. You can call it whatever you want. The princip behind both links is the exact same. You contact webmasters of existing content trying to insert a link in an already trafficked/linked page/blog-post or similar. Both search terms are very popular in Google, but for this article I am going for Niche. So to sum it up – Curated links is the exact same as niche edits.


I hope this quick blogpost helped you understand what Niche Edits are. Now start your own niche edit linkbuilding campaign and start ranking for your keywords. As always – i’m available on Twitter and on e-mail at for any questions about this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Niche Edit?

A Niche Edit is a link placed in an already published article that is relevant for your website. These will make you ranking increase rapidly.

Why are Niche Edits powerful?

Niche Edits are very powerful backlinks because they are inserted/injected in aged URLs with backlinks & traffic. They are also relevant for your website and your website theme.

How fast will I see ranking improvements?

If your site is fast and on-page optimized then you should see a ranking increase next time Google crawls your link. With the Google Penguin update the rankings should increase real-time but sometimes it may take up to 10 weeks for your like to have effect.

How much does Niche Edits cost?

The price depends on your market. For gambling they are anything between $50-$500 and less for more liberal categories. You should estimate an average price for a niche edit link on $250.

What’s the difference between Niche Edits and Curated Links?

There’s no difference. It’s the same type of link named two different things.