PBN Links

PBN links are probably the most used type of blackhat links. Huge networks of privately owned blogs spread out on different IPs with tons of content, links and authority that you can buy links from. Usually owned by the same person or company that lives of selling links from his blogs. Buying from these means dangerous living and a site that can receive a manual penalty at any time – but using them correctly means great potential.

Types of PBN links

There are different types of PBN links available. Depending on your needs you will need to find a PBN network that will suit your niche. If you are building tier 2 or pillow links you can worry less about the quality, but if you are building directly at your money page you should be careful with these links.

I’ve tried to categorize PBN links into categories and here’s my quick explanation for all of them:

PBN Links with spun content

Typically low quality PBN links with spun content. These are used for tier 2 and tier 3 links for your guest posts or profile links. The sellers are usually from Pakistan or India and can be found easily on Konker, Fiverr or BlackHatWorld.

PBN links with handwritten content

Better, but still not good, quality PBN links have handwritten content. The sellers are usually still from Pakistan and India but brand the PBNs as “High DR and DA” domains with fast indexing. Be careful with these and use them as tier 2 links. Only in rare cases build them to your money domain. If the seller agrees to show you the PBN links then don’t build them to your money domain. This shows, that the PBN network is out in the open for everyone.

GEO targeted PBN links

This is the best type of PBN links available. By GEO targeted PBN links I mean links with the same language content as your site and preferable with the same gLTD extention.

Example: Danish PBN links with danish content and .dk extention or thai PBN links with .co.th and thai content.

These are very rare Private Blog Network links to come by, and you usually don’t get to see them before you buy. If you look for these types of links let me know on e-mail and I can send you some examples.


What is a PBN link?

A Private Blog Network (PBN) link is a link from a privately owned blog. Its often a part of a large network of websites all owned by the same agency or person. They are used to manipulate a websites ranking in search engines. A PBN link is no the same as <a href=”/linkbuilding/niche-edits/”>niche edits</a>

Are PBNs illegal?

No, PBNs are not illegal but they are against Googles guidelines. If you get caught using PBN links to your website Google will give you a manual penalty and you will have to send a reconsideration request to Google once you have removed them.

Are PBNs safe?

No, PBNs are absolutely not safe. Actually – nothing when doing SEO is. Everytime you try to manipulate your ranking in Google with links it is against the guidelines from Google.