Thai PBN links

Update 2021: I currently don’t have any Thai PBN links available.

Native Thai PBN links are very hard to find. Not only because Thailand does not have many media agencies working with SEO but they also have very low-quality links available.

I started looking for Thai PBN links at the start of 2019 and oh boy I was in for a surprise. I have a huge network of SEO specialists both working in the US, UK, and most of Asia but none of them had any clue how to find good native Thai PBNs. So I had to do the research myself talking to different agencies, sellers on Konkers and BlackHatWorld. Finally, after weeks of looking, I managed to find an agency based in Bangkok actually having native PBN links. Not only had they the PBNs I was looking for – they also had an English-speaking owner. Perfect! – I thought… They did the biggest mistake and showed me their list of PBNs. I always tell myself, that if they show me their list of PBNs then I can’t trust them not to show anyone else.

Anyway – I moved on, used their services for helping me optimizing the on-page SEO and started building my own native thai PBN.

My PBN now consists of roughly 50 high authority pages with native thai content for all niches. And no, I will not share you the list and you will most likely not be able to find them – because I have blocked most of the large crawlers. If you want to know what they are, then you also know how to find them.