Manipulate Searches (and CTR) in Google – Case Study & Does it work?

TL;DR / Update May 2022:
I never saw an increase in rankings manipulating my CTR. I might not have tried it for long enough (6 months). Some of the URLs I mention in this blogpost have successfully used it to increase their rankings but they’ve done it for at least 12 months.

I no longer recommend using as I have not been able to get in touch with them to stop by subscription. It’s almost like they’ve gone underground and let the software die. Use it on your own risk or at least via PayPal so you can stop the subscription yourself.

In this blogpost I will go through a specific site I am not affiliated with in the UK casino market. I’ve seen some very interesting techniques they have been using to rank their site very well in Google. They are currently ranking 1 for “PayPal Casino”. A very high competitive keyword in the business. After I have analysed their method I will show you how to manipulate this yourself.

So lately i’ve been seeing some weird results in UK in the gambling niche. Some affiliate sites have tons of local brand searches even though they just launched. My SEO-sense tells me that there’s absolutely no way that they legit would have thousands of searches for their brand name just a month after launching an affiliate site.

So I started exploring their organic keywords using ahrefs and I in for a surprise.

One of their high competitive keywords are “paypal casino“. This keyword has 900 searches each month according to ahrefs. Their second highest valued keyword is “casinos with paypal deposit” which has 200 searches each month. It all looks very legit until here – but from now on the searches includes their brand keyword.

“paypal casino 2018 king casino bonus” with 300 searches each month, “online casino papal deposit kingcasinobonus” with 60 each month and “paypal casino king casino bonus” and much more…

Screenshot of organic keywords. Click to open in full screen.

As you see their brand name is mentioned in a lot of searches. And yes, they’re all local from United Kingdom. I’ve checked almost all their brand keywords and they are 90% from United Kingdom and the rest is US and Canada searches.

All their traffic is from United Kingdom

Not only do they have brand searches, but they also show up as suggested search in Google. This probably increased both their CTR and trust.

Suggested searches for PayPal Casino

Google even sees them as an authority in related searches. This means that they must be manipulating the searches for more than just the paypal casino niche. Lets take a look…

Related searches in the PayPal casino niche

Oh yeah.. Brand searches are almost worse for other keywords. “king casino bonus” itself has 1700 searches each month, “online casino uk kingcasinobonus” has 600 searches each month

So lets take a look at Google Trends… The search term “kingcasinobonus” started in January 2018. Same month as the website was launched. There’s been between 10-100 searches each week for their brand. If you take a look in the right bottom corner of the screenshot you can see that there are also tons of related keywords with searches. They all have 20-50 searches each week.

So apparently this is working very well for them and within a year they took the very top position for almost all paypal related keywords.

They’re ranking 1 for PayPal Casino

How to manipulate Searches & CTR in Google

I’ve been looking into tons of different programs and I finally managed to find a tool that worked for me. My biggest challenge was getting the searches to be local and from different IPs. First I tried and I created a project asking people to search for my “keyword + brand” and click my website, stay there for 30 seconds and click somewhere random. The main issue with Microworkers was that I could not include ONLY United Kingdom searches. I had to allow some european traffic, United States and some other countries in asia. Not really ideal if I want local UK searches. I quickly skipped that software and moved on to Amazon Mechanical Turk. Amazon Mech Turk allowed me to create a campaign that would only give me UK traffic searches. The issue with Amazon was the lack of power. There simply was not enough UK people inthere that could complete the tasks for me. I’ve also tried PandaBot with not much success.

First of all – this is not a commercial. I found RANKwyz through a very old post on BlackHatWorld (where I would never recommend you buy links). RANKwyz has a tools called “WyzTraffic”. Inhere you can create a campaign with country specific searches. You can even filter on device, browser and OS.

The WyzTraffic is priced at $0.05 per. traffic which means if you want 60 searches each week it will cost you only $12 each month. This however is only for one specific keyword. You would ideally want at least these searches:

  • “brand” – 300 each month
  • “keyword + brand” – 200 each month
  • “keyword + brand + year” – 100 each month
  • “keyword + brand variation” – 80 each month
  • “keyword variation + brand” – 60 each month
  • “keyword variation + brand variation” – 60 each month

This is a total of 800 searches each month. This is $40 each month for just a single keyword. Add a few other niches you want to try this with as well and you’re around $120 each month. This is actually a very budget way of doing SEO. But beware, you will need to support this methods with linkbuilding with guest posts, PBNs or similar.

If you have any questions to this blogpost or CTR manipulation in general let me know on e-mail

I’m currently trying this technique and will update this article in a few months. (04/07-2019)
Update #2 – read tl;dr in the top

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