Review: Best new upcoming AI-writer? is an AI-driven tool to help you “Research & Write SEO Optimized Articles in Minutes.” The platform has a clean and simple interface that doesn’t require a login to create free articles.


The main features of range from drafting articles from titles, creating customized outlines, to automatically generating external links. There are three plans to choose from:

  • Free Forever Plan: This plan offers 5 free articles per month. You can generate articles from titles and customize the outlines. It also recommends articles based on your content and automatically adds external links.
  • Pro Plan ($19/mo): This plan offers unlimited articles, automatic external links, automated internal links to existing content, and automatic updates based on trends.
  • Expert Plan ($49/mo): This plan offers all features of the Pro plan plus recent news references.

Company Mission:’s mission statement emphasizes the collaboration between humans and AI to create clear, informative, and high-quality content. They believe that their tool can help you stand out in the vast digital landscape by adding new information that appeals to both humans and AI.

User Experience:

After testing, I found the tool quite effective at producing high-quality drafts. It delivers what it promises: well-structured SEO-optimized articles. However, it lacks some crucial features like CMS integration, language selection, length selection, and creating your own outlines.

Overall: is a decent, cost-effective tool for anyone needing to draft SEO-optimized articles. While it currently falls short in some areas, its affordability and the quality of content it generates make it a tool worth considering. It’s especially useful for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. As the platform evolves, I anticipate that it will introduce more advanced features to improve user experience and flexibility.

predraft interface
predraft interface

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