I’ve done multiple projects for both clients and private during the years. Here’s a brief overview of my SEO successes during the years.

Site 1

Site 1 is a page about technical errors on PC and console. Started in January 2018 and currently at roughly 1500 visits/day. Monetized by Adsense and the items I get sent for free to review. Linkbuilding mostly driven by PBN links and relevant forum links.

Traffic for site 1 since beginning January 2018

Site 2

A native danish site about payday loans. Started in November 2018 and currently at around 50 visits/day. Monetized by affiliate to banks in Denmark. Linkbuilding with very blackhat techniques such as copyright outreach, danish PBN links and CTR manipulation.

Traffic for site 2 since launch in November 2018

Site 3

Site 3 is not a very high competitive one, but enough to give tons of clicks from United Kingdom. Site 3 was launched in the start of 2018 and quickly spiked to 100 visits/day. Linkbuilding: Few PBN links and highly optimized content and PageSpeed site.

Site 4

Site 4 is a native Thailand website current linkbuilding is Thai PBNs and high quality Guest Posts.