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We help clients in Northern Europe attract new customers through high search engine ranking. Our SEO expert team provide tailored services to increase traffic to any Scandinavian company’s website.

How Can SEO Help Your Scandinavian-Based Company?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important element of online marketing. We use both online and offline SEO tactics to reach a broader audience.

Google and other search engines receive millions of searches every minute. Internet users often don’t look beyond the first results page. If your website isn’t ranked in the top search results, it can be difficult to draw traffic.

We place your company at the forefront of Google. As a result, you’ll be first on your customers’ minds.

Scandinavian SEO Consultant Services

We work to earn you new customers by increasing your web traffic.

Learn more about our specific consultancy services below:

Website SEO Audits

Audits aren’t just scary financial inspections. We provide SEO audits of your existing website. This way, you can accurately evaluate how well it ranks. We determine how your website is performing from a technical perspective. Here are some specific audits we offer:

Local SEO Audit

Is your website not ranking high locally? We pinpoint fixes for this so that people in your area can easily find your business.

SEO Link Audit

Having clean backlinks will help your company website rank well. They will also increase your credibility with Google. With our SEO link audit report, we provide you with a detailed report on your current rank profile.

SEO Content Audit

If your content is irrelevant or repetitive, it will your website to rank low. We increase your rankings in search engines by getting rid of confusing content.

SEO Technical Audit

If you don’t have a firm grasp on how code works, we are here to help. We review your website’s code and solve issues with its performance. This makes your website more user-friendly, which is vital to SEO success.

Competitive Audit

It can be easy to get caught up in how your website operates and ranks. While this is important, sometimes scoping out how other companies are marketing can be beneficial. For your business to thrive, you need to understand how it’s ranking in terms of its competition. Our competitive audits help you rise above your competitors.

Structured Data Audit

It can be difficult to properly use structured data.We help you implement structured data, which enhances the display of your company’s search results and improves the machine-readability of your website.

Every company’s website has room for improvement. Our Scandinavian SEO consultants will pinpoint specific issues and help you improve your current website through our specialized audits.

Reputation Management

Our Scandinavian SEO expert consultants offer professional reputation management services. When a potential customer searches for your company, they will be presented with relevant and positive information about your brand. Explore our specific reputation management services:

Damage control

All press isn’t necessarily good press. We combat negative press and improve your business’s reputation.

24/7 News Monitoring

We monitor your social media and other communication channels. This service helps you stay updated on industry changes.

Defaced Content Removal:

Your unique website content can become defaced in the following ways:

  • A competitor accidentally copies your trademark.
  • An individual reposts your content on their account for fun.
  • Someone plagiarizes or otherwise illegally uses your content.

We work to remove defaced content from the Internet. We check back and ensure that this libelous content remains deleted.

Through our services, we promise to:

  • Eliminate poor portrayals of your business.
  • Handle any misrepresentations of your business by customers and competitors.
  • Help your business appear positively in search engine results.

Scandinavian SEO Expert Freelancer Services

Our company hires Scandinavian SEO freelancers to provide the services you need to rank higher in search engines.

Content Writing

Having updated content on your website:

  • Establishes authority.
  • Informs potential customers of what you offer.
  • Allows you to rank organically on search engines.

Here are a few types of content that our Scandinavian SEO freelancers compose:

Guest Posts

These blogs are posted on authentic websites that generate real traffic. Choose from a variety of niche websites you want your guest post uploaded to.

Website Content

Our freelancers write homepages, landing pages, and service pages. We use optimal keyword inclusion to increase your website’s visibility.

Press Releases

All you have to do is order a press release! Don’t worry about coming up with an eye-catching headline. Our team studies your company’s website to generate a relevant topic. After it’s written, we share it with our established network of media websites. This way, the newsworthy piece will reach current and potential customers alike.

Local Business Citations

A business citation is an online reference to your company’s name, phone number, and address. Depending on your preferences, we can also incorporate other information like:

  • Alternative phone numbers.
  • A description of your business.
  • Your business’s hours of operation.
  • Videos and images.
  • Your business’s geo-coordinates.

Each citation we offer is created manually. This way, you can ensure your online footprint is organic.

Search engines use local business citations to evaluate your authority. These citations help Internet users discover local Scandinavian businesses, like yours.

Social Media Optimization

It can be easy to overlook your social media when optimizing your brand for search engines.

Let us clean up your social media. This helps you reach a broader audience. You can increase your online sales and convert consumers. Here are just a few ways we manage your social media:

  • Conduct social media contests.
  • Partake in social engagement (responding to comments, liking others’ posts, etc.).
  • Write and post unique articles.

We implement optimal SEO practices when managing your social media to draw attention to your business.

Our Scandinavian SEO freelancers work to build you a credible online reputation.

Our Scandinavian SEO Consultancy and Freelancer Services

Check out all that our team has to offer! Our Scandinavian SEO expert team help you develop an integrated strategy and put it into action.

We work with you to update your website with the latest SEO strategies. Skip to the top of search engine rankings by contacting us today!