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Getting your company’s name on the first page of search engine results is a huge goal for any freelancer or small business. However, achieving such an accomplishment can be a difficult and trying task. Small brands often have trouble employing the digital marketing know-how required to make it on to the first results page.

Search engines, especially Google, have hundreds of signals embedded in their algorithm for scoring websites. The average entrepreneur can’t know what they need to do on top of performing their daily work tasks.

If you’re looking for search engine optimisation services, look no further than our SEO expert team in Bradford. We’ll increase the visibility of your web services with natural and organic tactics. Our efforts will provide greater and targeted traffic to your business.

All of the work we do is custom-made. We don’t utilise spam or artificial bots in our strategies. Every campaign we construct is entirely made for your team, business, and industry. Learn more about our process and strategies, then contact us for a free consultation.

How Can SEO Help Your Company?

SEO is a vital component of your digital marketing. Through a combination of methods, both on-site and offline, we’re able to achieve some of the top results. 

When people search the internet for specific services and products, they don’t usually ever look beyond the first few results, and rarely beyond the first page. To put it simply, if your company isn’t ranked highly then you won’t bring in potential customers that you need to succeed.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Keyword Research. Utilising keywords for your website is an effective but precarious practice. The keywords you use are important. However, you may not know which specific keywords will work best or how often you should use them. That’s where one of our consultants come in. There is no universal approach to finding which keywords will work best. It’s dependent on quite a few factors: 
  • The type of website you have
  • Your brand’s objectives and goals
  • Your deadlines, resources, and budget
  • The industry your business works in and the competitiveness

The foundation of a successful SEO strategy is identifying and using the keywords that are the most effective for you. Our services will give insight into your customers’ concerns and questions.

  • Competitive Analysis. Competition is a healthy part of any industry. Competitiveness encourages innovation, prevents complacency, and forces you to do better in all aspects of your company. Knowing what your competition offers and their marketing efforts, such as the keywords they use, you equip yourself with the tools you need to grow. Our team analyses your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths to find the best opportunities for your growth. 
  • Link Building. To show the Google algorithm that your site holds authority, you have to have your site linked to other established and high-quality sites. Search engines use the hyperlinks on your site to ensure that your business is legitimate. They will crawl between links on entire websites. Building links takes a lot of time and effort. Our SEO Expert Bradford team will do all the link building you need to succeed. 

  • Localisation. As a Bradford based company, we understand the importance of marketing locally and attracting a client base from the community. We’ll get you ranked highly for your neighbours, friends, and family to see.

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Through our quality tactics, your business as a freelancer will be on the first page of search engine results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can build your SEO campaign in Bradford.