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SEO is one of the prime ways to ensure your business’s success. By optimising your website for search engines, your chances of ranking higher and having more website traffic double. As a Leeds based SEO team, we can share our expert SEO knowledge with you and help you ensure your business is web-ready.

Here are some of the services we offer and why you may want to consider SEO services for your business in Leeds:

Page Optimisation

Having a website that is properly optimised means optimising every single page. Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • Making your website voice-search compatible.
  • Removing keywords that are poorly targeted.
  • Creating compelling anchor texts that improves the overall user experience when visitors are reading content on your page.
  • Adding image notations that describe the content of an image. This is so Google can understand what an image is of.
  • Fixing missing pages or deadlinks.
  • Using local SEO services specific to Leeds, like ensuring that all names, addresses, and phone numbers are correct.

Optimising Your Site’s Structure and Coding

Having an easy-to-use website that visitors can peruse easily is fundamental to your business’s success. Here are some of the ways we ensure your website is properly coded:

  • Creating an easy navigation system so visitors can easily locate their target destination.
  • Simplifying code so there are no loading issues with your site.
  • Adding internal links within site so traffic is evenly distributed between each of your webpages.
  • Creating an XML sitemap so Google’s crawler can browse your webpages quickly.

Keyword Research

Having targeted keywords is one of the simplest and most effective ways to rank higher in search engines. In order to choose the right keywords, you must be able to identify with your target demographic and consider the ways they might approach their search.

If your business’s services are specific to the area, this is extra-important. In Leeds, there’s an entirely different set of popular keywords than those used in other places. That’s why we always consider geography when we conduct keyword research. Here’s how we create custom localised keywords for your Leeds business:

  • Choosing keywords relevant to your services that have a commercial aspect to them (For example, “contractors for hire in Leeds”).
  • Choosing keywords that don’t have as much competition. Keywords that are used to frequently won’t work as well for your website.
  • Analysing the frequency of use in your area.

Ongoing Analysis

Once we optimise your business’s website for search engines, it won’t stop there. We stay invested in our clients and always run follow-up analytics to see what the data suggests changing.

SEO is an ongoing process, and we keep your website updated by:

  • Monitoring traffic, conversions, and rankings frequently.
  • Determining what SEO practices were successful and what site components need to be adjusted.

Need an SEO Expert in Leeds?

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