Shopify SEO Expert

Looking for a Shopify SEO Expert? Look no further! I’ve worked with Shopify for years and have grown brands significantly in organic traffic. So wether you’re trying to do it yourself or you’re looking to hire me as a freelance – lets talk about it Shopify here!

Shopify SEO! Phew, it’s quite a headache isen’t it? Working with SEO on a Shopify platform has it limitations but there’s still tons of stuff to be optimized. You won’t be achieving tons of traffic without hiring a freelance SEO Expert but you will be able to at least make your website look good in Google yourself.

Since early 2019 I have been working actively with large e-commerce brands running Shopify as their main webshop module. Shopify is a very limited CMS system that doesn’t allow you to change that much – but don’t worry – there’s always a workaround. If you wan’t to see some of my reference cases on SEO for Shopify webshops don’t hesitate to contact me on so I can send you a few examples.

Tips to get started with Shopify SEO for free

Before you contact mere, here’s what you can do yourself for free to improve your site in the search engines:

  • Make sure you don’t have any duplicate long content pieces
  • Make sure you apply meta titles & descriptions for all pages, homepage & collections. You can skip products – for most stores they don’t matter.
  • Compress your images before you upload them to Shopify unless you’re using a plugin or similar to do it after. I recommend using tinyjpg or tinypng.

Now you’ve pretty much done everything you can yourself. But nothing’s changed in Google, right? In order to really rank for the fun keywords and start getting some traffic you need to look into:

  • Adding more content to your collection pages (these will be your main traffic source from search engines). You will need a developer to help you get started on this. (I know some people)
  • Start linkbuilding weekly to your website to increase authority. This will be where the majority of your budget will be used.
  • Create the correct internal links – we need to make sure Google can crawl your website.
  • Create a content plan for your Shopify blog and use it to strengthen your collections with internal links.

Anyway – enough talk. You wanna start rankings? You wanna grow your brand and get some organic traffic? As a SEO Manager for Shopify stores i’m available for hire on an hourly wage starting at $120 depending on your project size.

I know I am not cheap, but I am the best.