Son of a Tailor – Discount Code & Review 2022

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Son of a Tailor is a Danish company that makes tailored shirts and sweaters. The Son of a Tailor company was founded in Denmark, and they don’t mass produce their garments – they are made individually for every single order.

I’ve tried ordering a Son of a Tailor Hi-Neck Wool Shirt, and here’s my review!

They don’t have stock or warehouses full of unsold clothes – if they make it, you can be sure it will get sold because no two bodies are the same so “neither should our clothes” as they say! Every detail is carefully considered to let the quality and fit of any garment take center stage.

Son of a Tailor offers sustainable clothing made of cotton and wool. It is supremely soft and they claim that its durability is for life.

Son of a Tailor Discount Code

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Where does Son of a Tailor produce their clothing?

When you purchase a high-neck wool t-shirt the order goes directly to the production facility in Portugal. Here the custom pattern is cut out based on your personal measurements. You can enter your measurements on their website, and keep them saved on your online profile for your next order.

Once the cut-out is complete it will be sent to the sewing department. Here it usually takes between 2-3 days before they finish your shirt. It is sent in a small little sustainable package with your shirt, a handwritten note about who sewed it, and a thank you note. Very professional and it feels amazing. Oh, and the best part? The package will most likely fit your mailbox.

What if my size doesn’t fit?

They offer free returns and exchanges if your size doesn’t fit. Yes, free. Let’s say you’ve measured yourself wrong. A simple chat message on their website along with a few pictures of the fit will get you a completely new shirt with new measurements.

So what should you do with the old shirt? Well, here’s Son of a Tailors own words:

There is no need to return the garment you have already received this time. In this way, we can save some environmental costs 🙂 It would be very meaningful and important to us if the garment does not go to waste. So perhaps you can either give it to charity or a friend of yours can use it.

Screenshot from my login with my sizes!

How does Son of a Tailor fit?

The son of tailor garments is made slim with high armholes, which makes them perfect for layering under jackets or sweaters. If you have any other special requests they can do that too! They will custom make the fabric type, collar design, cuffs, et

Son of a Tailor offers more than 30 different designs in their collection to choose from so there should be something everyone is looking for.

Facts about Son of a Tailor:

  • It took 14 days in total from order to received shirt
  • It took less than 1 hour to chat with support and have them produce a new shirt
  • The quality is outstanding
  • You can use this discount code for $25/150 DKK off your first order:
  • You can read more about who made your shirt using the “Made by” feature on their website:

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