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Creating a solid SEO strategy for an online sports betting website is difficult. Although sports betting is a very specific niche for SEO, there are a million betting and casino sites out there. It’s easy to get lost in the competition.

We provide high-quality SEO campaigns to sports betting websites. Our consultants create SEO strategy plans for our clients, while our freelancers implement ethical tactics to gain new online followers.

Why is Ranking a Sports Betting Site Difficult?

High competition makes ranking sports betting webpages tricky.

A lack of unique content also causes this issue. Most affiliate companies are paid to write about a specific game or brand. This contributes to the very little organic online coverage available.

It’s not enough to implement general SEO practices. You need to have a website optimized for the sports betting industry. We focus our efforts on optimizing sports betting websites with a personalized plan for each client.

We Manage Players’ Expectations

This specialized niche demands focused attention when it comes to implementing SEO.

For each webpage we work on, we incorporate the following features:

Fast Loading Time

A lot of online bettors visit their favorite sites after work. Some do their betting after a late night out. No matter when they bet, they’re looking for an engaging and fun experience.

It’s important to offer consistent entertainment to loyal bettors. Our freelancers will make your online sports betting page load in under 3 seconds. This holds players’ interest and encourages the use of your website. Google considers loading time when ranking your site, so it’s essential that it loads quickly.

A Clear Display of Odds and Offerings

We organize your site’s information with users in mind. All odds and offerings will be displayed clearly. This way, users can always be informed of what their money is going towards. We ensure these snippets load quickly to hold users’ attention.

Having a clear display of your site’s information is a great way to build trust with consumers and search engines.

Free Drafts and Betting Slips

We help you showcase free drafts for new customers. This encourages them to stick around.

We also prominently display betting slips on your site. This way, users can quickly place their bets without needing to sign up or log in.

An Accessible Sign-Up Page

We make it easy for players to sign up and become loyal users.


A big factor in SEO is usability. We ensure your site is compatible on all devices, especially mobile ones. No online betting site makes money without a mobile platform. Users often prefer the accessibility that mobile-friendly betting sites offer. Your site’s compatibility with all devices helps you maximize your profits.

Bet-on-SEO Focuses on KPIs

Our team of consultants has a detailed approach to optimizing your website. We focus on five key performance indicators (KPIs):

  1. SEO enhancements
  2. Rankings
  3. Traffic
  4. Signup
  5. Revenue

By far, the most important KPI is revenue. We plan your SEO campaign strategically to focus on the main goal of obtaining more revenue in an ethical and organic manner.

Build Connections by Building Links

Our freelancers build links within your site in order to draw traffic. Sites with a lot of links are worthy of citation, so Google will rank them higher.

Our practices are ethical. We don’t use PBNs, or anything considered a black hat SEO tactic. We recognize the harm that PBNs can bring to your company’s website and reputation. Our white label practices help bring organic traffic to your site.

When you work with us, you can rest assured your SEO practices will be safe and effective. Don’t risk accruing less visibility or a search engine penalty.

Our consultants save you time, money, and resources by only offering the most effective SEO strategies. We’ll optimize your GMB, increase citations, send out organic social signals and refurbish your site with expert content and copy.

Get Unique Written Content

Unique content is always important to SEO but maintaining unique content across your sports betting website can be difficult.

Creating unique content for a sports betting website is a little simpler than it is for other gambling niches. However, it’s important to still ensure your content is unique. Otherwise, it won’t rank.

We create unique content and give it an original style. We never duplicate or plagiarize content.

Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Google works to understand what people like. It does so by measuring click-through rates (CTRs).

You should strive to get as many clicks as possible from a search engine results page. Our SEO practices are meant to get your click-through rate as high as possible.

Your site’s headlines and metas are important for gaining visitors. We implement:

  • Concise clickbait headlines.
  • Engaging meta titles.
  • Well-crafted meta descriptions.

What’s more is that with an ongoing package, we can continually update any on-page optimizations as SEO practices change. We make changes when necessary in order to find the perfect recipe that produces a high CTR.

Make Your Site Accessible

JavaScript can give your webpages fancy fonts and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Google and other search engines often frown upon this high-level programming language. Using it can cause your ranking to plummet. When possible, we avoid using JavaScript. Instead, we evaluate your webpages’ needs and use more Google-friendly programming languages.

If JavaScript will benefit your company, our freelancers will make it work. We often use dynamic rendering to optimize your site. This means that search engine users see one result, while bots see another. Users can still access your webpages, and your ranking won’t be negatively affected. 

Get Started with SEO For Sports Betting Today

Give your sports betting website the SEO makeover it deserves. Allow us to help your sports betting website rank high on Google and other search engines.

With our team of consultants and freelancers, you’ll gain and retain more dedicated bettors. Contact us today to get ranked first on search engines!