Tesla Products: What is a Tesla Loot Box, Acceleration Boost and More

Tesla is known for its products that are environmentally friendly and innovative. Tesla’s goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions in the form of electric vehicles, solar panels, batteries, and power storage systems. They want to create a world where people can live without relying on fossil fuels. With this post, we will cover several Tesla products including what is a Tesla Loot Box? What is the acceleration boost? What about solar roofing tiles? How does it work with Powerwall battery system? And how they are trying to be more affordable with Powerpack systems?

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What is the Tesla Loot Box?

The Tesla Loot Box is a feature in the Tesla App. The Tesla Loot box is also known as the Referral Program. In 2024 the Tesla Loot Box contains your unique tesla referral code you can give your friends and family for 2000-20.000 credits or free 1500km or 1000 miles of supercharging.

The old Tesla Loot Box included everything from launching your photo into deep space orbit, a signature tesla wall charger, a Tesla Model S for kids and even to drive an electric boring machine.

What is the acceleration boost?

The Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Boost is a slick feature added in the App as an in-app purchase in 2020. If you’re a Long-Range AWD owner you can now make your Model 3 even faster using $2200. It will change your 1-60 (mph) time from 4,4 seconds to 3,9 seconds closing in on the Performance models 3,2 seconds 1-60 mph. This is an instant purchase in the app, and you have 48 hours to revert your purchase if you’re not satisfied.

You can access the Acceleration Boost by opening the app and clicking “Upgrades”.

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What are solar roofing tiles?

Tesla has a Solar Roof product that is currently in production. This is the first roofing system with integrated solar technology and it can produce electricity from sunlight.

How does it work with the Powerwall battery system?

The Tesla Powerwall Battery System was created to store energy for use at night or when there are power outages using either the home’s grid-connected inverter, off-grid (direct), or backup self-consumption mode. In 2020 this became an option costing $3000-$5000 installed depending on your needs which gives you access to sell back any excess energy generated by your panels during peak hours so they don’t go unused. It can be ordered online via their website as well as through local installation partners nationwide like Home Depot, Lowes, and more.

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