Tesla Referral Code 2023 – Earn Referral Credits!

I am one of the proud tesla owners – I have a Tesla Model 3. (The new tesla model) I love driving it and I think you will too. That is why I want to tell everyone about the tesla referral code! The referral code will give both me and the user 1500 km free supercharging, which is really awesome. My code is unused, so feel free to use it for your new Tesla! This code also works for Tesla Solar Panels!

Update 27th of March: Tesla Referral Program is open again!

Here’s my 2023 referral code link: http://ts.la/kristoffer69647

Other Tesla Referral Codes – From my friends and readers:

Patrick: krisholten.com/tesla/patrick55221

Morten: krisholten.com/tesla/morten28791

Søren: krisholten.com/tesla/soeren46576

Martin: krisholten.com/tesla/martin29382

Simon: krisholten.com/tesla/simon29237

Do you want your referral code added to the list? Contact me at tesla@kristoffer

All you need to know about the new Tesla Referral Credits & Loyalty Credits

tesla referral code

First of all, tesla’s referral code will give both me and the user 1500 km free supercharging (or 1000 miles). That means that you can use your Tesla on long distances without having to spend any money on fuel for a while! And not only that – I also get $500 off my next purchase with tesla because I am referring someone else who is interested in getting one too. (This is not valid anymore – now it’s just the free supercharging km/miles)

my tesla rewards
My Tesla Rewards

How Do You Use The Tesla Referral Code?

To use the code, click on the link that leads to the Tesla website. On the site, you can redeem your referral code for a Model 3, Model Y, S, or X purchase by clicking those links. You can also redeem it in other ways:

  1. Click my link at the top – this is by far the easiest way.
  2. Go to your local tesla shop. You can find your local tesla shop here: https://www.tesla.com/findus/list
  3. If you purchase by phone, give the code to the Tesla representative.

Here’s a picture of my Model 3! I got it in mid-June 2021.

How do you redeem the code?

Redeeming the code is super easy! All you have to do is enter it on the tesla.com website when you order your car! Then you will automatically get 1500km of free supercharging on your car! This is double the amount you normally have. If you order solar panels you will get a $100 reward.

Can I add Tesla referral code after I order?

For now, there is no option to add your referral code after your order! You can always try contacting Tesla using the contact information on the tesla website: https://www.tesla.com/contact/about

What is a referral code?

Referral codes are a tesla way of giving back to their customers. If you refer someone that buys a car, they will automatically get 1500km of free supercharging on any of the tesla vehicles and you’ll also get it!

How do I use the Tesla Referral Program?

Using it is simple. Just enter the referral code before checking out on tesla.com.

How to get a tesla referral code:

All tesla owners automatically get a referral code when buying one of the Tesla vehicles!

How to put in referral code in tesla

You need to enter the coupon code when you purchase your car on Tesla.com. There is no option to enter it after your purchase.

How to find someone’s referral code tesla

Finding your referral code is super easy! Open your Tesla App on your Android or iOS app and click the loot box in the top right corner!

Tesla Supercharging: The Ultimate Guide

Tesla’s Supercharging network is a game-changer for Tesla drivers. This post will help you understand what Tesla Supercharging is, how it works, and why it’s important.

Tesla Supercharging is a network of fast-charging stations that offers free supercharging to Tesla owners. The company has installed about 12,000 chargers worldwide so far – each with multiple stalls designed for quick “refueling/recharging” and easy access.

Tesla Supercharging: What You Need To Know

Supercharging Benefits

At the moment, there are two types of Tesla Supercharger networks depending on your needs – one at home or work for private use and another public type which you can share as long as they’re not in use by someone else. Here’s what each kind does best:

Home/Work Charging

If you’re lucky enough to live near an outlet (or have an electrician install one), then this could be all you need! Just plug into any nearby outlet and you’ll be able to charge your car with a Tesla Home Charger.

Public Charging

If you live in an area that doesn’t have many electric outlets or don’t want to install one at home, the public charger is for you. These are usually located near amenities like grocery stores or shopping malls where they can keep people coming back again and again while using their cars less often than those without chargers nearby. They also come equipped with easy-to-use swipe cards so it’s not difficult to access them when needed!

How Superchargers Works:

All of these features make charging with a Tesla supercharger quick and convenient – even if your destination is 300 miles away! The chargers are designed to give you a charge in about 20-30 minutes, so if you make it to one before the battery depletes completely and need more juice than what’s available at your destination, then charging on the go is possible.

Supercharger Safety

Tesla Supercharging stations also come with safety features like an emergency shut-off switch for any electrical issue that might arise while someone’s away from their vehicle. They’re additionally covered by 24-hour security cameras as well as local law enforcement personnel who monitor crowds around them at all times of day or night – making sure that they’re safe havens even during emergencies!

Tesla Charging Station Benefits

It gives way better bang for your buck because, unlike gas stations, electric car drivers can charge up more often – usually around every 200-300 miles and use less of their own fuel in the process.

How Tesla Superchargers Work

Regular charging stations sometimes have issues with power grid overloads, but because each Tesla charger is equipped to handle a certain number of cars at once, there’s never an issue with that kind of problem here! In fact, you’ll be able to get your car charged for free (as long as it can accept all the wattage!) which makes traveling on electricity so much easier when compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Tesla Charger Safety Features

For starters, these chargers are designed for safety from any possible electrical malfunction or damage by including emergency shut-off switches within reach if anything goes wrong. They’re also monitored by cameras and local law enforcement personnel at all times – making them safe havens for drivers even in the event of emergencies!

What You Need To Know

That’s Tesla Supercharging, but what does it mean to you? The network gives electric car owners more control over their range meaning they can charge up when needed instead of waiting until they’re running on fumes which is a much better option than using gas-powered vehicles that need to stop every 300-400 miles just to refuel.

I made this quick video explaining the Tesla Referral Program

Not sure you want a tesla? Ask me a question!

Going electric is a big choice, and it might not be for everyone! If you have any questions about Tesla or my specific Model 3 feel free to contact me! I’m also available on WhatsApp using +45 93999999.

How Do You Get a Tesla Referral Code Link?

Tesla offers a referral program for those interested in purchasing the company’s vehicles. Owners can share their own referral code with friends who may be buying one of Tesla’s vehicles. An individual participating in the program will receive benefits such as 1500 free supercharging. You can find the referral program in your Tesla account or using the Tesla App Loot box.

What else does the referral program work for?

You are not limited to buying a Tesla vehicle when using my code. You can buy anything from Tesla, and it will give you a bonus! The solar energy system by Tesla has recently been very popular. This is a valid referral code for the solar roof and solar energy system as well as all the tesla cars. For solar referrals, you will get a flat $100 off your order using my referral link.

See below bullet points for rewards for new tesla cars owners:

  • Solar Roof – $100 reward
  • Solar Panels – $100 reward
  • Model S – free supercharging (1000 miles or 1500km)
  • Model X – free supercharging (1000 miles or 1500km)
  • Model 3 – free supercharging (1000 miles or 1500km)
  • Model Y – free supercharging (1000 miles or 1500km)

Are there any limitations to the referral code?

Yes! Tesla has put some limitations to the referral code – here’s four!

  • It only works on Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X.
  • No Tesla Referral Program & Codes work on the Cyber Truck & Roadster
  • Remember to use the code when you check out. You can’t add it later
  • Your Tesla Supercharging miles/km activates when your new Tesla car is delivered.
free supercharger miles
1000 free supercharging miles using my code

What is Tesla?

Tesla is a company that is doing something different. They are making electric cars, which have been around for years but never caught on with the mainstream car-buying public. Tesla has taken these cars and made them beautiful, powerful, and sexy. The Tesla Model S is their best model to date – it’s an incredible automobile experience from the moment you step inside until you press your foot down on the accelerator pedal to tear up the pavement beneath you.

My advice: don’t buy a Tesla without using the referral program

So here’s my best tip for getting a Tesla vehicle. Use the referral code. Using a personal referral code you get an amazing 1500 km of free supercharging! Both you and the owner of the referral code get this.

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