Best Mattresses for Tesla Model 3 in 2024

Tesla Model 3 owners are very particular about their car, and that includes the mattress they sleep on. There are a lot of mattresses out there for Tesla Model 3s but not all of them will be comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep. In this blog post, we will show you two mattresses that have been tested thoroughly by Tesla Model 3 owners and have proven themselves to be worthy.

1) TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case

I have a TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case and I think it’s the best out there. The mattress has an innovative design that provides plenty of comforts, support, and breathability while you sleep. It also comes with its own carrying case so you can easily transport your bed anywhere without having to worry about damage or dirt on the mattress.

The surface material is very durable meaning this will last for a long time even if it stays in one place all day every day as mine does! This thing actually makes my room look better too because now everything matches nicely since it came with its own fitted sheet that matched the color scheme of my car perfectly! With many reviews praising how comfortable this mattress is, I can’t go back to my old one anymore.

This mattress has plenty of ratings and amazing reviews so you know you’re getting your money’s worth when purchasing from TESMAT Mattress & Carrying Case. It also comes at an affordable price; there are mattresses out there that cost up to $2000 and I’m sure they’re not as good!

Overall, this is one of the best mattresses for Tesla Model 3.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Innovative design that provides plenty of support and breathability while you sleep.


  • Mattress gets dirty easily if it isn’t covered or moved out from underneath the bed every day. You don’t want to spend time cleaning a mattress when the whole point is for them to be easy to maintain!

2) Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit

Dreamcase also makes beds for other car companies including Porsche, Land Rover, and Jeep. The Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit is designed to make car travel convenient and safe. By unfolding into a double mattress, this multi-layer memory foam bed comes with a car duvet and pillows encased neatly inside. It’s built to keep you comfortable the entire night no matter what type of vehicle you drive or camp in.

With the Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit on hand, it’s easy don’t stress about finding somewhere to sleep when you’re feeling sleepy behind the wheel. Traveling from Point A to Point B might not be as bad after all!

The Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit is a great option for anyone looking to sleep comfortably in their vehicle overnight. It’s easily assembled right out of the box and can be folded up when you’re done sleeping so that it takes up minimal space inside your car or camper. The mattress itself offers plenty of room for two adults but still folds down into almost nothing. With an adjustable height setting, this bed will fit most people without any problems at all!

Weighing less than 20 pounds, this kit also features three different modes: kneeling position for short-height seats like those found in SUVs; sitting position if there are no short seats in your car; and sleeping position for taller cars or camper beds.

This is a great way to stay comfortable while on the road without having to sleep on an uncomfortable bench seat!

The Dreamcase Tesla Camper Kit also comes with all of the accessories you need, including pillows and a duvet that can be encased inside when not in use. The mattress itself features two layers of memory foam so it’s incredibly soft yet supportive at the same time. It doesn’t matter where you’re going because this bed will have everything you could possibly need!


  • Easy to assemble right out of the box – Folds down into minimal space when not in use – Adjustable height settings – Lightweight
  • This mattress comes with plenty of ratings and amazing reviews


  • Car duvet not included with purchase has to be ordered separately. It’s an additional cost on top of the price for this bed! (Would rather have had a blanket)
  • Requires a lot of time and effort for setting up each night before bedtime (though this is made easier with help)
  • Mattress isn’t as soft as some would like it to be. It has two layers, but that doesn’t mean anything if the bottom layer is too hard! The top layer barely makes any difference at all because you’re still feeling every inch. I’m looking forward to seeing what these other mattresses have on offer so they can compare against Dreamcase Tesla Car Bed!