20 Tips for a Successful Tesla road-rip

When you go on a road trip with your Tesla, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here we will cover 20 of these important items to help make your journey safe and enjoyable! Happy reading!

  1. Bring your charging cord and adapter: Tesla makes a variety of adapters for many different types of outlets. Be sure to have the right one before you go on your trip! You can find all Tesla Adapters here: https://shop.tesla.com/category/charging#charging.on-the-road
  2. Use the Navigation system in Teslas: You can find all sorts of helpful information about where to stay, what restaurants are nearby, and more with this feature. The Navigation System in Teslas are based on Google Maps – and its awesome!
  3. Be patient for your Tesla to charge: It can take several hours to fully charge a vehicle. Plan accordingly and always bring some entertainment! I recommend you always aim for the Tesla Superchargers.
  4. Bring snacks just in case: You might need them if you’re gone all day and don’t want to rely on fast food chains which are usually quite far apart from each other when going through long stretches of nothingness. Snacks will also make you less tired – keep that blood sugar high!
  5. Don’t forget about charging stops during your journey: Never assume there will be a place to charge up, be prepared! There may be long stretches with no chargers at all.
  6. Have a plan for the return trip: It’s always good to have an idea of where you’re going when you get back. I recommend: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/
  7. Remember that Teslas are not designed for offroad adventures: You can’t just take them anywhere because they don’t do well in unpaved areas and their battery packs could become damaged. Be mindful of this if you go somewhere with rough terrain ahead of time!
  8. Get ready before leaving home so everything is packed away nicely inside the car trunk or cabin area including items like blankets, pillows, and snacks. The less you have in the cabin, the nicer the trip!
  9. Bring a spare tire and know how to change it: You never want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without any help! Bring a Tesla toolset!
  10. Get plenty of sleep before going on your trip: This will help you stay refreshed, alert, and happy when traveling through long stretches of nothingness.
  11. Swap drivers often! Don’t drive for more than 4 hours on your own. Swap often, and rest your head and eyes.
  12. Don’t forget your phone charger too! Never assume there will always be an outlet nearby for you to charge up with so think ahead about this important item as well. A power bank will do as well! I recommend an Anker 20.000 one.
  13. Keep these items with you at all times while driving around town or on the road: Insurance papers, registration, cell phone charger, travel pillow/blankets/pillowcases/washcloths, and glass cleaner for your windscreen.
  14. Plan ahead: it is important to do research about where you’ll be going so that you can make a list of what items will need and stay on top of things like tire changes or charging stops when needed. Perhaps your co-pilot can help you out here?
  15. Bring water!
  16. Plan ahead for charging: it’s always helpful to have a backup plan in case you need an emergency charge up on the side of the road.
  17. Bring a camera and charger with extra battery chargers too! You never know when that perfect shot is going to happen while driving around town or on the road so be sure not to miss out by having your device at 100% power all day long.
  18. Sleep in your car! There are plenty of beds made for Teslas.
  19. Be patient for your Tesla to charge; it can take several hours to fully charge a vehicle. Plan accordingly and always bring some entertainment or a Netflix subscription for watching on the built-in car screen!
  20. Consider a roof box – this will clear up a lot of space in your trunk.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!